Focusing on how the movements feel, how your body reacts and which emotions arise.

We will flow like the water though hypnotic undulations and infinity symbols, juicy circles and body rolls. We will become the earth’s heartbeat with powerful chest and hip drops. We will grace the space with turns and floating arms like the free wind and we will spark our fire with joyful shimmies.

If you want to tap into your feminine energy and reconnect with your true essence,  this workshop is for you.

Everyone is welcome regardless of age, body and experience in dance.

If you are looking forward to that deeper connection with your body or to unblock your power through these nature’s elements inspired movements, you’ll get to know your body on a new whole new level, to unlock your greatest capacity for pleasure, power, freedom of expression and embrace your juiciness.


This session is for you if you need to remember how to love yourself, listen to your truth, honour you body, celebrate your juiciness…

It is for you if you own beautiful lingerie and are looking for new ways to move in it or if you need to gain confidence to wear it.

 Building a free, loving relationship with your body is a key to embrace your juiciness.

You will learn some beautiful tools and practises that will transform the way you experience your body, the way you love yourself, the way you experience your sensuality, how you present yourself in your relationships and even how you walk through life.