Guiding people to connect with their feelings and bodies, break free from old stories and open up to their most authentic selves to step into their full potential.

I’m from Spain.

I’m healing artist and transformational guide that hold space and create experiences to help people remember their power, connect with their most authentic self and embrace their highest potential, transforming “weakness” into strengths and preciuos gifts.

I mainly work with Breath, Movement and Touch to transform your body, mind and soul.

I’m also the Co-Creator of SEER Dance and Movement (Sacred Earth Embodied Ritual), another beautiful journey that started in London where I learnt Sacred Earth Belly Dance from Hannah Mi Anis.

In Bali I studied with Mishaal, the creator of Sacred Earth BellyDance and ShaktiDance, becoming also a teacher of that form of healing dance.

In NYC, the idea of A Trillium was born. In the mists of the darkest moment of my life, I was blessed to see the sparkle of this wonderful vision. 

Diving deeper into my own healing process, I studied Inner Child Healing, Shadow Work, Intuitive healing and Tantra, became a Reiki Master, a HypnoBreathwork facilitator, Yin Yoga teacher and a Sacred Sensuality/Intimacy guide. 

In NYC Dance of Union was born too, a dear dance and inner growth practice that I keep co-creating with a very magnetic and soulful dancer called Gene.                          

 I’m grateful for every person who invites me to share my knowledge and experience to add up into their growth. 


Dear Collaborators