A new gift that has just been unearthed. Oihana crossed paths with Gene and connected through dance. After many smiles, tears, swirls, stillness, lessons, forgiveness, appreciation, disconfort, growth and loads of love, love for the Beloved, love for the community, for humanity, for unity… They shared their knowlegde, their stories, their passions and their sadness in the form of this dance practice.

Dance of Union

 A transformative journey of movement and connection. Tap or dive deep into the art of listening, the wisdom of presence, the beauty of dance and the depth of stillness to explore self discovery and self expression. A dance experience that goes beyond physical movement cultivating an awareness that mirrors the interconnected dance of nature and life, creating a harmonious flow of improvisation and communal celebration.

The concept of union, whether it’s between people, masculine and feminine energies, or our physical and spiritual selves, is a universal theme that transcends cultural and language barriers.

  • Couples’ Connection: A refined exploration of intimacy and understanding for partners seeking to deepen their connection.
  • Individual Sessions: Tailored experiences designed for those embarking on a journey of self-discovery and connection.
  • Group Celebrations: Engage in larger gatherings, where collective energy magnifies the transformative magic of the dance.

“Grief, for us, became the poignant key unlocking the transformative potential of partnered dance. Individually, we’ve traversed the expansive waters of movement and dance, using our physical bodies as vessels to transport us into the realm of Unity, experiencing freedom and unity merging with the universe…”

 Conceived through years of immersion in the sacred energy emanating from women’s dancing circles, our journey unfolded when Oihana felt a deep yearning to explore an additional layer of the Union.

Gene brings the fire, his knowledge in tango, ballet… He is the vase that carries the flow,  that contains the chaos, that allows, grounds and leads the waters of the divinity.


We, Oihana and Gene, recognized a remarkable opportunity to integrate the Dance of Union into their work, crafting a space that guides individuals and nurtures their energetic experiences. A safe space where you can connect with yourself through your body, the movement, allowing yourself to feel and express that through individual, partnered or group dance.  

Now, united in purpose, we invite you to share in the never-ending journey of loving dance. Join us in exploring the depths of movement, grief, joy, ectasy and bliss, as we celebrate the transformative dance of union—a journey that transcends boundaries and beckons all to experience the profound connection within.


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