Truthful Touch

When using our sense of touch, it is only when both the giver and receiver are completely present that the space opens for true healing to arise.

In this workshop, we will explore Touch in a holistic way, giving equally importance to our body, mind and heart/soul.

Our body is a gateway and touch is one of the best keys to reach and deal with the mystery that we hold within.

The versatility of the sense of touch is part of its value, charm and magic, making spirituality tangible so you will learn how to flow between different strokes, tempo and depth applying wavelike movements for a more pleasurable, relaxing and bonding experience.

If you are looking for a better reading of your partner’s body language (or your own) and understand better the power of touch through a truthful approach, this is the workshop for you.

Expect some guided meditation, breathwork and massage.

More information

 This workshop is recommended for couples.

 If you would like to register as a solo participant or you are planning for a group, let me know in the comment box and proper arrangements will be apply.

 If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to contact me.