A healing space where darkness and light serve each other.


Easy, practical and transformative tools to guide you for a more aligned lifestyle in the city and beyond. Tapping into your innate power and uniqueness through your body, mind and heart.

 The transformation journey begin with our desire to change and heal ourselves.

Paying attention to our shadows allow us to transform our ‘weakness” into strengths.

Healing practices like Breathwork, Reiki and Bodywork allow me to guide you discover how to utilize their natural talents and abilities to the fullest, discovering and releasing old blocks, limiting beliefs and habits that can be preventing your growth and connection with yourself and others. My mission is to guide you to dive deep within, to be your most authentic self and to shine from the inside out.

When we open our hearts, we expand our consciousness and begin to make choices keeping our heart-brain aligned, we create healthy opportunities for our specific lifestyles and we became more calm yet powerful, grounded yet free to keep expanding and connected keeping our authenticity.

 This is a space for:

  • Individuals who are open and committed to change.
  • Who are ready to get really clear on their life vision.
  • Who want to heal their emotional, mental and physical issues in a natural way.
  • Who are on a journey of self discovery and realization.
  • Who believe that they are the most important person in their world and that they deserve the best life has to offer.
  • Who are ready to heal their lives, be the best version of themselves and aspire to live their dreams.

Your guide



 A healing artist and transformational guide working with Breath, Movement and Touch to empower individuals and groups to dive into their most authentic selves.

 Originally from Spain, she has a background in acting and other performance arts. Blending her academic knowledge with her lived experiences, she co-created SEER Dance/Movement (Sacred Earth Embodied Ritual, based on the sacred roots of Belly Dance, inspired by nature’s elements (earth, water, air and fire) and infused with a more contemporary and interpretative form of dance.

 Diving deeper into her own healing process, she studied Inner Child Healing, Shadow Work, Intuitive Healing, Somatic Attachment Therapy and Tantra, becoming also a Reiki Master, a HypnoBreathwork coach and a Sacred Sensuality/Intimacy guide.

 Her mission is to bring more pleasure and meaning into our lives through our bodies, minds and hearts. Guiding people who are seeking to tap into their own power and magic.





1 on 1 Special Containers


3 sessions journey transformation.

  Like the three petals of the Trillium, each aspect of your being (Body, Mind and Soul), is honoured and nurtured.

Through Breath, Movement and Bodywork, this container offers a sanctuary for your own growth and transformation. 


6 weeks journey transformation.

  This is Trillium’s following journey, a sacred container that incorporates breath, movement and touch to facilitate inner change.

  Through the Dragonfly’s teachings, one can discover the profound potential within themselves to shed old patterns, and embrace the beauty of transformation.


9 weeks journey transformation

  The Dragonfly’s following journey. The snake, ancient symbol of transformation, slumbers within you. In this sacred container, you awaken its wisdom, its ability to shed the old and embrace the new. 

  Through breath, movemment and touch, you enter the serpentine path of personal evolution.

Events & Groups


From team builiding events and product launches to new parents’ blessings, batchelor/bachelorette parties, birthday celebrations…  If you want to host an event and make it a memorable experience, here you can find some powerful additions for your happenings.


Check the ongoing and upcoming offerings happening online and in person.

Group sessions can be crafted specially for you too!



“I had an amazing experience! First of all it made me completely comfortable and very relaxed, which is rare. After that I felt calming and healing vibrations surrounding my body that made me fall asleep, which is a real healing for me. Thank Oihana! I love how you evoke my higher self with your presence and healing hands ”

(Reiki session)


Personal trainer

“Oihana opened me up to deep insights held in my body using the power of human touch, in a safe and non judgmental environment, highly recommend!”

(Reiki session)



“I’ve been able to open my heart to healing and learning each time thanks to the wonderfully supportive, loving and kind space that Oihana holds. She is the rock in the experience… accepting, never judging, nurturing yet also challenging, asking gently the questions that need to be asked…”

 (HypnoBreathwork session)

Emma Brown


“This was my first tango lesson of my life and I enjoyed every moment of it.

From the moment you begin, the two instructors make you feel very welcome and at home.

I felt the tutor was very attentive to both my learning and enjoyment of the session.

We started with exercises, in which myself and partner moved in relation to each others subtle changes in weight and balance. Soon we were guiding around the studio and eager to learn Tango like the pro’s!

I have no doubt this class would benefit my tango skills, but it is also a great environment to not just have fun, but be amongst kind, open, inspiring people to connect with, offering a unique escape from the busy demands of the city…

 (Dance of Union)



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